About us

Property Management @your-place is an in Jávea located business. It`s owned by Kai Waschlewski, German who moved over 20 years ago to Jávea. He is  an professional, honest, hard worker, fluent in German, English and Spanish, with excellent time keeping and a high level of customer and client relationship management. He always has maintained a high level of standards in everything he has done since his time in the German army, while in his trade, and while running his own business in Spain.

Proven Strengths:

  • Client / Supplier Relationship Management 
  • Negotiation Skills / Savings Projects
  • Account Management / Co-ordination 
  • Ability to meet tight Deadlines
  • Data Protection – Compliance / Law 
  • Training / Up Skill of Staff / Database Admin
  • Sales / Marketing Projects  
  • Analytical Skills
  • Health & Safety / First Aid Manager
  • IT Skills
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